Designer Frames

We offer a wide range of frames in order to personalize your glasses and make sure they are tailored to your style. Anyone is welcome to come in, try them on and find the perfect frames for yourself. We have unique frames from various countries such as Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, Germany, France and Denmark.



Lindberg designs have won awards for their Danish style, classical look and simplicity. Designed with sourced materials like titanium, acetate, gold, platinum and diamonds.
Established in 1987 Oliver Peoples is an American eyewear designer. The brand is sold throughout the world. Their products are manufactured in Italy and Japan and designed in Los Angeles.
Since 2007 Barton Piera has manufactured high-end handmade eyewear with premium materials. They are based in Los Angeles and are always coming out with new products.
European eyewear with sparkling Swarovski crystals. With over 80 models never mass produced, each pair of glasses takes roughly around two years to make. Perfect for women who love their jewelry.
Handcrafted in Japan, Matsuda eyewear is made with fine materials like celluloid acetate, titanium, gold and sterling silver. They have a design that consists of a traditional yet modern look.
Other Designer Frames:

Armani, Ray Ban, Costa Del Mar, Native, Dilem, Zero G, KIO, Yamato, Persol